Our Philosophy

The Evolutionary Yoga Collective Integrates:

Three Powerful Foundations

Five Sacred Initiations

Four Embodied Leadership Elements

Evolution happens in our bodies. Evolution happens in community.

Until evolution has happened in our bodies, it hasn’t happened. 
Until evolution has happened in community (our relationships), it hasn’t happened.

         Our Context — How We Are Different: 


The Evolutionary Yoga Collective is based on the context of feminine, shared power vs. the historical guru-disciple relationship.  Teachers are seen as having a specific competency that a student desires to learn. “Competence hierarchy”- we can teach and learn from someone who has competence in a certain area, such as a surgeon. We are all equal, but when we want a surgery, we know we want someone with the competence of surgery. They may not be more evolved than us in every way, or even in any way.  Essentially, we are equals, walking the path together. 


Unlike many 200-hour teacher trainings, this training gives you a wide range of styles that you may choose to teach (hatha, vinyasa flow, power, yin, restorative, meditation) and supports you to move toward the style and practices that align with your individual gifts and purpose.  


Also, what sets this training apart is the focus on embodied leadership and translating the teachings of Yoga into participants’ lives off the mat, as well as on the mat in a group or private class.


The Evolutionary Yoga Collective provides a unique approach to Yoga, standing on the foundations of authentic history, modern trauma-informed research, and personal creativity.

The Evolutionary Yoga Collective (EYC) Stands on
Three Powerful Foundations:

These three foundations are what the teacher stands on to lead authentically, teach impactful yoga classes grounded in ancient Yoga tradition, and share their gifts related to their particular area of strength, and focus. 

Tantric Hatha Yoga from the Himalayan tradition of Sri Vidya includes the right hand path of Tantra, Patanjali (or classical) Yoga, and Ayurveda. This style of Yoga is vaster than any of us can integrate in one lifetime, and includes all other types of Yoga, such as Kundalini Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin, Restorative, Astrology, Meditation and more. 

Through scientific discoveries about our planetary, historical, relational, and personal evolution and environments, we humans continue to innovate to deepen our understanding, to practically apply what we’re learning, and continue to learn as we go.   Evolutionary Yoga Collective Trainings draws from integral theory, somatics, attachment theory, differentiation, trauma, mindfulness, relaxation, happiness, and more. 

Each of us is valuable and irreplaceable with a unique composition and natural way of being in the world.  Through relating kindly and curiously with our present selves (including what still lingers within us unresolved from the past), we begin to rest deeply into belonging to ourselves and to the world, so we can express our gifts, creating and contributing in our lives.   

The Evolutionary Yoga Collective Catalyzes Transformation through Five Sacred Initiations:

These five initiations are gateways for the teacher to enter into conscious, sacred practice within each  kosha (traditionally referred to as coverings of the Soul), to deepen  integration, leadership, healing, creativity and meaning which benefits them personally,  is emanated through their lives and work, and can be taught and shared with others.    


Participants undergo a profound initiation on the level of the Anu Maya Kosha.

Personal: We support you to inhabit your body in a friendly way with a tenderness toward whatever is blocked due to trauma, and to release culturally conditioned shame so you can discover the sweetness of enjoying and honoring your body. You empower yourself through inhabiting your body from the inside, and increasing pleasure as you honor your body and yourself just as you are in the moment.

Teaching: We facilitate you to experience embodied physical alignment in asana practice, understanding the physical benefits of various practices, and choosing asana and class components to sequence them in a class, the arc of a class, various purposes of a class, and the art of teaching, all of which are foundations of being a powerfully effective yoga teacher.

Leadership: We introduce the Embodied Integrity Practices (Authenticity / Transparency, Self-Literacy of the Kosha Layers, Resonant Listening, Responsibility). From a cultural perspective, people who claim their bodies as their Soul-Home are a force to be reckoned with. 

Anu Maya Kosha is a focus of the Embody Flow Embodied Leadership & Teacher Training, Module 1 of the 500 Hour Training, as well as a stand-alone 200 hour training. 


Participants undergo a profound initiation on the level of the Prana Maya Kosha.

Personal: We support you to befriend your emotions with kindness toward whatever is intensified or dormant due to trauma, and to cultivate a steady and easeful energetic container to allow your sacred energies to move. You are empowered through learning and practicing the Prana Vayus (the 5 ways that energy moves) to cultivate energetic balance, and enhance your vitality, enjoyment and pleasure.

Teaching: We support you to learn to invoke a sacred energetic space in your classes, and how to understand how energy moves in each yoga pose, so that you can utilize the Prana Vayus to select and sequence your poses to create specific energetic results in your classes. We also facilitate your ability to move your energy in particular ways to enhance your public speaking, teaching, and leadership.

Leadership: We support you to deepen the Embodied Integrity Practices so you can utilize them as well as the Prana Vayus to consciously organize yourself energetically to align with your intention, to contribute to balance and healing in and around you. From a cultural perspective, being responsive and creative with your own energies expands your sense of freedom and empowerment and joy.

Prana Maya Kosha is a focus of the Embody Flow Embodied Leadership & Teacher Training, Module 1 of the 500 Hour Training, as well as a stand-alone 200 hour training. 


Participants undergo a profound transformation on the level of the Mano Maya Kosha.

Personal:  Through mindful awareness and meditation practices, you become more intimate with whatever is wrapped up with each sense which may include your past, your karmas and traumas, as well as your gifts.  Through sensitive attunement, healing naturally begins, gradually purifying each sense and awakening your access to subtle gifts (Siddhis). 

Teaching:  We teach you to weave Mano Maya Kosha practices into your classes to facilitate others to strengthen and relax their nervous systems and move more ever more deeply into Self-connection and unfoldment, even as you continually do the same.

Leadership:  We facilitate your deepening your practice of the Embodied Integrity Practices to include your sense perceptions, which helps you to  stabilize your grounded, easeful presence.  From a cultural perspective, sensitizing your subtle attunement without being overwhelmed by all the information you are perceiving supports your easeful presence, enhancing your sense of freedom, and your capacity to access your creativity regardless of whatever is happening around you.  

Mano Maya Kosha is a focus of the Sense & Intuit Embodied Leadership & Teacher Training, Module 2 of the 500 Hour Training.



Participants undergo a profound transformation on the level of the Vignana Maya Kosha.

Personal:  We guide you to begin to meet and befriend your limiting egoic structures of self, to strengthen your wise discernment so that you can harvest inner gifts, and move toward inner identity structures which are empowering, supportive, and reflective of your shining essence.   We use nidra, inner ritual, light meditation with mindful contemplations, yin yoga and Transformation Playground Dance to help us access and work with this deep evolutionary process.  

Teaching:  We teach you to bring Vignana Maya Kosha tools and practices to your private students, workshops and events so that you can share this wisdom even as you continue to deepen your own embodiment. 

Leadership:  We companion and support your  integration of Embodied Integrity, as you increase your capacity to reliably ground in your innate source of peaceful strength.   From a cultural perspective, your ability to ground in who you are while you discover and engage in the world supports your sharing power, contributing to mutual empowerment and equity in our world.  

Vignana Maya Kosha is a focus of Sense & Intuit Embodied Leadership & Teacher Training, Module 2 of the 500 Hour Training.


Participants undergo a profound transformation on the level of the Ananda Maya Kosha.

Personal:  We guide you to enter into a collaborative relationship with time, creativity, abundance and joy, embracing your present experience, even as you actively open into your becoming.  This initiation emphasizes rest, playing in genius, co-creation and celebration. You discover, cultivate, and root yourself in your natural resources, gifts, abundance and synchrony of “I-space” and “We-space.” 

Teaching:  We invite, support, and celebrate your sharing your particular gifts as an Evolutionary Yoga Leader within our forum, and you receive feedback and support to bring your gifts out into the world.

Leadership:  Together, we practice Embodied Integrity, as you devote yourself to acknowledge and honor the sacred within and around you from moment to moment, expanding your capacity to experience awe and bliss through the ins and outs of daily life.  Your full-on engagement with life supports you to celebrate who you are, who you’ve always been, and who you are evolving into, as you ride the wave of creation itself.  You claim your rightful place as the leader you’ve always known that you are.  

Ananda Maya Kosha is the focus of the Dream Embodied Leadership & Teacher Training, Module 3 of the 500 Hour Training.

The Evolutionary Yoga Collective Weaves
Four Embodied Leadership Elements:

Utilizing these four embodied leadership elements releases unnecessary overwhelm and pressure that often accompanies personal evolution.  The Evolutionary Yoga Collective aligns with our natural human impulse, weaving the four embodied leadership elements throughout the training so that learning is friendly and fun!


The ‘Understanding’ Embodied Leadership Element is the intellectual framework (head knowledge) that you will need to be an evolutionary leader and guide.

Understanding equips you with the components and mechanics of how transformation actually takes place on many levels. This will enable you to hold space for transformation not only for others, but also, for yourself and in your relationships on an on-going basis. 

In the Embody Flow YTT this element includes learning about: anatomy, movement mechanics (physiology), philosophy/history, trauma, teaching methodology, leadership, and more.  


The ‘Experiencing’ Embodied Leadership Element takes the participant inwards and develops their capacity to notice and attune with what is going on inside. 

This ability is directly related to our own healing and presence, our capacity to connect with others and to be effective guide.

Experiencing puts us into connection with reality as it is in the world, so that we can respond to personal and global challenges from our power spot.

In the Embody-Flow YTT this element weaves into every aspect of the training. For example, when learning anatomy, we not only explore this from the level of mental understanding but also through experiential practice. The focus is on gaining a first-hand, subjective perspective. This way, the information enters into our bones.  


The ‘Expressing’ Embodied Leadership Element is a natural complement to the capacity to experience.  Expressing is directly related to movement, to aliveness, and become.  Life and Evolution want to move through us.

When we digest an experience, it is a natural function for us to move that into creativity, response or expression in some way.  

Expressing puts us into active relating with reality as it is in so that we can be agents of change. This is essential to empowering ourselves and participating to make an impact.

In the Embody-Flow YTT we practice this element through movement practices, creative expression, opportunities to share in circle or partners. We begin to discover and honor how the material that we are learning is wanting to move through us.


The ‘Guiding’ Embodied Leadership Element is a more concrete and skillful expression of sharing generously with the world.

Guiding is, of itself, a generous thing to do.  It is a natural outgrowth of understanding, experiencing, expressing and thereby, igniting our innate soul gifts and how they want to dance in the collective. 

In the Embody-Flow YTT you will be given a lot of opportunity to lead through “guiding experiments” 🙂
These are playful opportunities for you to discover your own emerging and authentic leadership style.

A Modern Day Tale

Many teachers subconsciously or consciously feel pressure to create new, entertaining yoga classes that their students will like.  This has them coming from a place of fear or lack and trying to prove their worth as a teacher.

Instead, Evolutionary Yoga Teachers learn that there is nothing to prove and that the ancient wisdom traditions, modern innovation and their own genius are living streams that are readily available and wanting to be transmitted through their classes.  

The Evolutionary Yoga Teacher places themselves in this stream and surrenders to this wisdom and actively chooses to engage it.