Our Story

The Evolutionary Yoga Collective is based on the context of feminine, shared power vs. the historical guru-disciple relationship.  Teachers are seen as having a specific competency that a student desires to learn. “Competence hierarchy”- we can teach and learn from someone who has competence in a certain area, such as a surgeon. We are all equal, but when we want a surgery, we know we want someone with the competence of surgery. They may not be wiser than us in every way, or even in any way.  Essentially, we are equals, walking the path together. 

Unlike many teacher teacher trainings, the Evolutionary Yoga Collective trainings give you a wide range of styles that you may choose to teach (hatha, vinyasa flow, power, yin, restorative, meditation) and supports you to move toward the style and practices that align with your individual gifts and purpose. 

Also, what sets this training apart is the focus on embodied leadership and translating the teachings of Yoga into participants’ lives off the mat, as well as on the mat in a group or private class. 

The Evolutionary Yoga Collective provides a unique approach to Yoga, standing on the foundations of authentic history, modern trauma-informed research, and personal creativity.

Those who are drawn to this training are likely to be people who already have or want to have a big impact in the world.

About Us

Rhonda Mills

Rhonda Mills


Rhonda is a joyous free spirit who is living her mission for the past 19 years: to explore what’s deeply essential, and share with individuals and groups to facilitate wholeness, embodied connection and creativity.  Her classes, workshops, and trainings create a space of compassion, safety, freedom, and wondrous discovery.

After an international dance career including performing, choreography and teaching, Rhonda discovered Yoga, meditation and Ayurveda in 1999.  A new focus was born at the intersection of her devotional spirituality, the ancient tradition of yoga, and modern influences of movement, mindfulness, and creativity. 

In 2001, Rhonda began to teach yoga, and in 2003 she was initiated into the tradition of Sri Vidya by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait of the Himalayan Institute.  She studied with and assisted ParaYoga founder Rod Stryker between 2003-2009.  From 2010-2013, she facilitated weekly yoga, mindfulness, and movement groups with a traumatized population.  In recent years, she has continued to study Tantra and assisted Todd Norian, founder of Ashaya Yoga, at his trainings and the Tantra conference at Kripalu.  Since early 2018, Rhonda has immersed herself in Thomas Huebl’s trauma-informed approach to mindfulness, meditation, communication and being a “mystic in the marketplace.” 

Rhonda completed certifications in ParaYoga, BodyMind Coaching, Nonviolent Communication, and Transformational Leadership. She has led or co-led eight yoga teacher trainings and three coaching trainings over the past decade. 

Rhonda has long been fascinated with shared power and collaboration.  After a personal encounter with domestic violence, her calling to share yoga as a solution to  violence and a means of empowerment ignited.  This training is a response to the urgent call she feels to initiate leaders into the fire of their empowerment and spread the healing light of yoga.    

I dream of a world people are:

emotionally literate,
available to listen without projection,
responsible: able to respond from essence,
impeccable with agreements,
savoring the beauty of self, others, our planet, and the whole of life,
playful, and
grateful for all the you are and all that you have.


Karen McMullen

Karen McMullen

Assistant to Rhonda, Leadership Facilitator

Karen is a catalyst for greater flow.  Currently, she helps people get into flow by teaching yoga, dance, human design (a system based on your birthdate) and body-centred transformation.

Karen’s role in the Evolutionary Yoga Collective has been as a mid-wife, helping Rhonda to bring her vision and culminated life-wisdom into full expression.  Karen intends to attend the upcoming trainings as a participant with regards to yoga, with the aim of training as a Yoga Teacher trainer under Rhonda’s mentorship.  

Karen discovered her love of teaching yoga two years ago, after taking her 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training.  Now, she teaches in Troncones, MX the quaint beach town where she lives.  She has also studied and leads salsa classes, as well as a woman’s empowerment fitness/dance program called “BooTy”.

Both Rhonda and Karen received in-depth training in Body-Mind Psychology through the Hendricks Institute’s Leadership and Transformation program.

Karen has been working as a body-centred Coach for the past decade as her full-time business.  Prior to moving to Mexico, she had a vibrant coaching business, leading workshops and public-speaking across Canada on the topic of helping people to Discover their Genius.

Karen brings years of strength with facilitating groups in leadership and self-discovery to her role in the Evolutionary Yoga Collective.

She is passionate about healing from the abuses of power, both by healing personal trauma from abuse as well as systemic abuses of power through systems of oppression. 

She brings gentleness, strength and intimacy to all of her connections.

“Guiding my clients into the deep experience of their body is what I do. I do it because it works! I have found that working with breath and movement in the physical body is the fastest path to transforming long-held, conditioned patterns.”